Valencia Basket presents their new jerseys, tribute to the Club´s 30th anniversary


Valencia Basket and Luanvi presented this afternoon the jerseys that the Valencian team will wear in their 30th anniversary during the 2016-17 season. The presentation had take place in the lounges of the Las Arenas hotel, in Valencia, and has counted with the presence as models of all the Valencia Basket´s roster and the senior female player Lucia Ripoll and the fan Alex Martin-Loeches, last winner of the honor of provide his hand with the rest of players in the last edition award of the Effort Trophy. All new collection clothes are equipped with the 30 Anys Taronja logo, which the Club and the Valencia textile brand have prepared to celebrate the anniversary.


Effort Culture will again dominate the front of the taronja jerseys, the usual first kit color, although this year has been accentuated approaching to a fire tone to highlight the identity of the Club. Black, combined with orange, will be again the color selected for the second jersey and, as novelty, is has presented a sky blue third jersey, for use in cases required by the Eurocup.


The event has been hosted by the taronja legends Víctor Luengo and Sergio Coterón. Slso was presented a commemorative t-shirt of the 30th anniversary for the fans. The garment is similar to the other three jerseys, but adds a memory of the four titles and the names of all the players and first coaches in the history of Valencia Basket. In addition, this limited series of the commemorative t-shirt is marked with the number 30, honoring the taronja anniversary. Fans can buy it in our oficial store for 40 euros.