Valencia Basket gives color to the Trinidad Alfonso 2016 Marathon


One more year, the more than 100 participants of the Valencia Basket Running Team in the Marathon and 10K test gave color in a new edition of the Valencia Trinidad Alfonso Marathon in which more and more people took to the streets To celebrate a precious day.


The taronja riders were noticed in both races, contributing their bit of sand to that Valencia City of Running, be every day that passes a reality more and more clear. The passion for racing continues to grow in Valencia!


A point with more and more people

One more year, the point of animation taronja became the epicenter of animation and good vibes in a key point, only a kilometer to finish the marathon and 10K. With Pam, with Groguet, the mascot of Villarreal, and with the best animation, Valencia Basket again gave the necessary encouragement to all participants.