Centro Comercial MN4 today hosts the exhibition 30th Anniversary


From today, Friday and until next Saturday, January 7, the 30th Anniversary Exhibition of Valencia Basket will be moved to the Mall MN4, located on the Pista de Silla, N-322 Departures Commercial Zone - Alfafar And Massanassa. In addition to the exhibition, the center has dedicated itself to Valencia Basket organizing two competitions with prize, one of drawings and another of photos and with the mobile store of the club. Attentive, all this comes for this Christmas in CC MN4!


30 years in pictures

The 146 photographs that compose the catalog of this exhibition cover the 30-year history of Valencia Basket from the first steps of the Club at the dawn of the season 1986-87 to the most rabid current. Between these two points, a visual journey through the premieres, the great joys, the titles, the days to feel proud of the team and to learn. A journey in which to meet with the most significant players of the history of the Club and the rivals of major entity. All this seen through the cameras of the graphic reporters who have turned into images for the memory each of the steps of Valencia Basket until reaching its current state.


Selfie contest

The first contest raised is photography, you must do a selfie in the exhibition and you will enter the draw for a shirt signed by the first team of Valencia Basket


Drawing contest

This contest intends that the attendees of the 30th Anniversary exhibition draw a picture about what they liked the most in the exhibition. The winner of this contest will come totally free to watch the match on Thursday 29 December against ICL Manresa in the Fonteta.


The bases of these two contests can be found on the Facebook page of Mall MN4 at this link http://bit.ly/2hNzn2K


With our mobile store

In addition to the exhibition, our mobile shop, "el racó taronja" will be installed at the door of the exhibition from today until next Thursday, January 5th. Something ideal to be able to do the last purchases on the part of Santa Claus or the Three Kings wise now that approaching dates so marked.