Antoine Diot: "We will do our best to keep second place"


The guard Antoine Diot said that "it would be very important for us to stay in second place and we will do everything we can to achieve it. It's going to be a difficult game, of course. It's true that last season we beat them on their court, why we can not do it again? It's a totally different game, but if we compete well we can have our options. We are going there without pressure, they’re playing at home and I think we have enough arguments to be able to fight for the victory. "


Asked about his duel against Tyrese Rice, the Taronja playmaker said that "the game is Valencia Basket vs. FC Barcelona, ​​not Rice vs. Diot. Basketball is a team sport, I do not care if he scores 30 points and I only two, whenever I win I will be happy. I do not care about that duel or any other, I just want to help the team win.