Pedro Martínez: "We are in the middle of an 80-minutes game"


Valencia Basket coach said after the victory of his team that "it was a match with two very different parts, in the first the start of Unicaja and the enormous success they have had in the triple has been very difficult to maintain their level. In the second half we played with very good serenity, with rhythm, they have not been so successful and we played really well. In the last quarter from the technique they have provoked the game has become very physical, they playing with small players and very physical and it has been very difficult for us to pass the ball, play, but we have had serenity and we have been well behind to endure the onslaught of Unicaja, which have been very good. This is an 80-minute game against Unicaja and we have played the first 40. There are still another forty at home, they are a great team, they have shown a lot of heart”