Pedro Martínez: "More satisfied with the win than for the leadership"


Valencia Basket coach Pedro Martínez said after his team's victory vs. Real Betis Energia Plus that "it has been a very tight game, where I think we in the second half have played better than in the first, in which in some moments we have been dominated by the Betis. But in the beginning of the third quarter we have been very successful and we have taken an advantage. Then we have run well fastbreaks and we have rebounded better and the game was very controlled. But the tactic of playing with smallball has gone very well for them and there they came back into the game because we could not adjust well when their five players on the court could play one on one and shoot threes. In the end we have suffered perhaps more of the account but we have to appreciate that the rival also has done things very well so that that happened in the last seconds. I’m happy, but not for the provisional lead, but for the win, to win a team that is recovering from previous matches”.