Vidorreta: "Our goal in Moscow is to reach the last minutes with winning options"


Valencia Basket coach, Txus Vidorreta, has highlighted in the preview of the game that the taronja team faces his visit to the CSKA Moscow’s court (Thursday 9, 18: 00h, Megasport Arena, # 0) "with great enthusiasm, we are aware that in Istanbul we could do things better to win. We did not do them all wrong, but we didn’t do them well enough to have an option to win and the goal is to improve in those aspects in which we were not so well in Istanbul to have that option in Moscow. It is the goal that we have in every game of the Euroleague. To be competitive always, we have been competitive in our five game but against Fenerbahçe we lacked small details to reach the last minute with the option to win. And that is the goal we have to consider for Moscow".