Txus Vidorreta: “It has not been the best day, but we must recover”


The taronja coach commented after the game that "the second quarter has possibly been the worst fourth of the season, I think that in the others we competed but that fourth has been very harmful for us."


The coach commented that "we must have patience, we come to the Palau Blaugrana where it is true that they have won teams this season, but where they have left Olympiacos and Panathinaikos losing. I also believe that we have not given value to the rival we had on Wednesday in front of us even if they came with a win. "


On the analysis of the bad moment in that second quarter, "today we made the worst second quarter but the team has shown that it does not disconnect, and that we have our spirit and we have fought to try the second half. It has not been the best day, but we must recover. We have physical discomforts, and each player needs some time, but we know what is there. "


In addition, the coach has commented that "today Abalde has not entered the rotation because in the warming wheel he has been injured, he was going to enter into rotation, and that is the reason why he has not played. He was going to enter the rotation and he has had very bad luck and he has fallen, we have to support him as much as possible and try to forget the physical problems ".