Knowing the Santa Marta Project - One Team VI, Week II


The second day of training of the sixth project of One Team with Valencia Basket aimed to increase the cohesion of the group, with teamwork to continue putting in common the personalities of each of the participants.

At the information level, the session served to learn a little more about the Santa Marta Project from its coordinator María Banacloy, who explained the origin to us, "it is a project dedicated to family and childhood, which is located here in the Barrio from the Fuente de San Luis, and we work with everything that has to do with the family and the children of the neighborhood: social, community, academic situations, everything that has to do with a minor ".

The work of the project together with Valencia Basket in L'Alqueria del Basket is seen as "an opportunity, we are here next to them and they have seen the creation of L'Alqueria del Basket, that something was moving in their neighborhood, it caused them uneasiness, and they have enjoyed this great opportunity to work in a team, to work in the same facilities, to be treated one on one, with great dignity, and considered a team. That cooperative work, of sport, is something that we can not give them, and it must be through a medium like this."

On the reception of the project by young people, "they are very excited, since Tuesday the topic of conversation is basketball, they have had a good experience, they have seen that they are valid, that they are treated well, that they have potential, and They are very motivated. "