A MVP of the Euroleague in l'Alqueria del Basket


The one that was chosen best player of the final four of the maximum European competition in 2008, Trajan Langdon, visited l'Alqueria del Basket with the aim of seeing in first person the largest quarry facility that exists in the European continent .

The former CSKA franchise player, Alaska's first player to play in an NBA in which he spent three seasons, is currently the Assistant General Manager of the Brooklyn Nets and he wanted to check everything he had seen days before Danko Cvjeticanin, international scouting coordinator of the franchise.

At the end of his visit, he wanted to express his opinion about what he had seen. "These are tremendous facilities. With many courts, lockers... something tremendous for the development of young people. Basketball is a sport that is growing a lot in Valencia and Spain, all the children I have seen are trained by good coaches and have passion for the game and that is very important" he said.

"It's amazing to have facilities where you can feel excited about coming to play the sport you enjoy, having an installation like this makes you enjoy it more every day. The most important thing for children is to develop love for this sport. Many like to play but developing love and passion for this is what really makes you take your game to another level "he explained.

About the differences between l'Alqueria and the facilities in his country, the legendary player had no doubts. "You know that the mental aspect is very different in Europe and in the US. But I've never seen anything like this for the development of young people there. Develop from 6 to 18 years... is a tremendous installation. The people in Valencia should be proud of what has been done here" he concluded.