Victory against Real Betis and full party at La Fonteta (103-67)


Valencia Basket added its eighth consecutive home win in the Endesa League by beating Real Betis Energía Plus (103-67) in a perfect close for an afternoon in which La Fonteta was filled with nostalgia to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the title of the Copa del Rey. The taronja team (today dressed in white in memory of the heroes of '98) was ahead at all times and took an advantage that touched the thirty points in the second quarter, income that went up to 42 at the start of the third act and that Valencia Basket knew how to manage to win without charging minutes to a rotation that today only had eight professional players. Erick Green with 19 points and San Emeterio with 17 were the most outstanding on the side taronja.

Eme 103-67.