Txus: "Our defensive balance has helped us against a team who has won many Euroleague teams"


The taronja coach said after the game that he was "satisfied, it was a very important game, we worked very well on defensive level, we knew that his defense wanted to make a close game, but we wanted to open it and run, we did well in the first quarter, we have released a bit of anxiety. In the second and third quarters it was hard for us to open the game, but we kept with a good defensive balance that has helped us to maintain advantages and in the last quarter we have found a quintet that has given us peace of mind and open advantages over 10 points. I'm happy because Iberostar Tenerife has won many games against almost all the Euroleague opponents. "

About Will and Sam, "in these months Will is holding us a lot, especially now that Aaron is going through some physical problems with viruses and backs. Besides, Will has been able to shine, I think he has been super. We knew that if Sam endured 4 days of work, he would do well, he came from being super and it will be easier for him to reintegrate into the group, and he has done a very good last quarter ".