Ponsarnau: "Happy with this victory, but not satisfied, we can do it better"


Taronja coach said after the game, "As I said in the previous, the key element of the game was how we were going to be and the truth is that we have not been well." At times when things were going We were finding our game, our dynamism, our versatility, our balance ... but when things went bad we went very badly, especially backwards, we also had to put something on the table, they played a great match from the pass playing without ball, they have been in disputed situations that had the heart so that the ball ended up being theirs and so they have got 8 or 10 points that have given them a lot of confidence.For the game they have found confidence in many players, even in players who had not played the first part, like for example Jaramaz, who enters and changes the meaning of the match when it seemed that he was oriented, we towed all these trusts that they have been finding. to win today, win a team that has made 58% of 2 and 50% of 3 has merit. Understand that this Endesa League is that hard and that strong. Maybe the fact that Lima has not traveled has made them work very well, they have been the Burgos in essence, at times they have changed the drawing, playing as pivots players that are not and we have tried to give an answer but always a late play. These are also the difficulties of having less time to prepare a match like today against a very tactical opponent. Happy with the victory but not satisfied with our work as we are aware and want to do better. "