Valencia Basket holds the final rush of C. Candelas Breogán and qualifies for the Playoffs (83-82)


Valencia Basket certified their presence in the Endesa League Playoffs for the 13th consecutive season by extending their winning streak to five beating Cafés Candelas Breogán by 83-82. The Taronja squad dominated the game from a 13-0 run in the first quarter and was leading by more than twenty, but had to sweat to control the rush of a rival who tied the game in the final quarter with the three-pointers of Redivo and McCallum and took it to a do or die ending in which the Galician team had two shots to win. Bojan Dubljevic with 20 points (8/9 in field goal shots) and Joan Sastre who had to help in the point-guard position due to the four absences in the guards' rotation (9 points and 7 rebounds for 16 points) were the best .