Puerto, Carrera, Castilla and Garí, called with the Spanish National Teams


The Valencian player, native of Almussafes, will be concentrating with the Spanish Under-20 team starting on June 18 to play a preparation tournament in Melilla.


Josep, who has already debuted with the first team of Valencia Basket, has been international with Spain in different categories, achieving even the silver medal in the Eurobasket 2018 with the U18, besides being part of the promising group of athletes who make up the Proyecto FER.


Also the men’s team manager Alfonso Castilla will join the concentration of the U22M Spanish national team, which will hold a preparation stage in Melilla from June 24 to 30.


And Valencia Basket Women’s team players Raquel Carrera (on loan to RPK Araski in the 2019-20 season) and Irene Garí (as team manager) they will concentrate from Friday 14 June to prepare the U18F EuroBasket to be played in Bosnia between July 6 and 14.