The first reunion with Rafa Martínez


Rafa Martínez said goodbye to Valencia Basket on June 14 after eleven seasons in our Club in which he became the most successful player, with five titles in his record. The captain went as the second in games played and being the top scorer in the history of the Club with 5,589 points, also being the player with the most points scored in the Endesa League, in European competitions and in the Copa del Rey.


On Sunday morning, Bilbao Arena will once again enjoy Endesa League basketball 497 days later, with a relegation and a season in the LEB Gold in between. Within the return party, there will be a very special moment for our Club. And is that for the first time since he wore the taronja jersey in 2008, Rafa Martínez will play against Valencia Basket.


We have asked several of his former teammates what they are going to feel when they play against their captain until a few months ago for the first time