Number 16 School, official sponsor of the game vs. Casademont Zaragoza


Valencia Basket repeats in the Fonteta to host Casademont Zaragoza (Sunday 17, 17:00h, Fonteta, Movistar Deportes) in the second game of his marathon of four in a row at home. And to keep alive the good run open yesterday vs. Bayern Munich, the English academy Number 16 School has prepared a very special animation. Two finalists chosen through the official Social Networks of the Club will compete for a gift voucher worth 2 months of free English lessons at their academy in Valencia downtown, with the registration included. Hundreds of T-shirts will be thrown into the stands that will have a month of free English classes as a gift, 8,000 custom clappers will be distributed, the Number 16 mascot will cheer during the full game with Pam and Maxi and the zeppelin of this brand will fly over the roof of the Fonteta.