Rubén Burgos: "We remember Leticia Romero a lot"


The coach analyzed the victory in Greek lands. “Very hard game in the most complicated court of the group and one of the most complicated ones in the Eurocup. They started wanting to score a lot and scored 20. We cut it in the second quarter despite two concrete actions that made us be losing at the half time. We varied the defensive plan with a couple of details at the break, we managed to open the gap with it, but we knew they would return. We responded when they came back, with a couple of Pina's actions, Anna's leadership, Meiya's points and Queralt's work for 40 minutes. It is a team victory and we are very happy about it and recovering from a hard defeat. We remembered Leticia Romero a lot, her operation yesterday was a success, we miss her a lot and everyone is making a very big effort to cover her loss”he said.