Ponsarnau: “Be solid with our ideas to try to win in an atmosphere like Kaunas”


Valencia Basket travels tomorrow to Lithuania with the aim of seeking its first victory as a visitor in the Turkish Airlines Euroleague and as his coach Jaume Ponsarnau acknowledges, he does so in one of the most complicated crowds in Europe: “The atmosphere of Kaunas in fantastic to play, especially as a local. But we know that, we understand it and in any case we must try to enjoy a basketball environment as beautiful as it is there even if it is adverse. That requires maximum concentration and being very focused on our things. Our weapon to compete has to be from the defense. We can not make a very tactical defense or collapsing because ours is not a very tall team, but we can have intensity on the ball, a little more aggressiveness in the pick and roll moves and not doubt our concept because suddenly they score a lot. We have to be solid with our ideas and take them as far as possible”