Ponsarnau: "We strive to came back but we have always been draging behind"


Valencia Basket coach Jaume Ponsarnau said after the defeat of his team in Manresa that “they have made a very serious game, conceptually with many things to harm us, they have almost always had the initiative and have deserved to win. Our first quarter has been scary, we wanted to get into the game but nobody found a way to get in and we made too individualistic decisions to get in because we saw that we weren't and we had to get in. From there, little can I throw in the face of the team because everything that has been effort and other things such as rebound or activity, intensity or steals but we were already too much in tow. And Manresa, despite the fact that we have been squeezing the scoreboard, have done things well and have continued to find a way to harm us. In the end a couple of steals have allowed us to tie the game but their last shot has entered and they have won us. ”