Ponsarnau: "Calmly we will value positive things, but I am angry"


The coach Taronja commented after the game that “we have started badly, looking for our moments, in the second quarter we have improved the defense, finding players and basketball. The beginning of the second part we played very well, with patience, with a good difference, even moving people. In the last they have raised the defense, we have played very badly they have taken advantage of it and in the end with everything matched I was in the defense. We defended well but their free throws have taken the game to extra time. There has been a love and not being able, perhaps with players without much energy and I take the blame that we had to move the team to find energy. When they raise the defense you have to play more dynamic, with more quality, but we have not done so.

On the importance of the game, "this game was very important for the cup, but we must be focused on doing the things we know how to do well to play against Joventut, a good team."

On the good or bad feelings of the game, “cold we will value positive things, but today I am angry. Angry about how the arbitration has treated us in the last minutes of the last period, for not having succeeded with things that would have helped us more ... angry. In the cold we can value positive things. Details of a hand in hand that go outside, of rebounds that escape you at the end, details ”.