Ponsarnau: “Monbus Obradoiro demands you a lot tactically, we will need to give our maximum”


Valencia Basket coach Jaume Ponsarnau said in the press conference previous to the visit of his team to the Monbus Obradoiro court (Sunday 26, 20:00h, Fontes do Sar, Movistar Deportes 1) that “we are going to play a very difficult court against a very difficult rival, very demanding. Probably the most complex rivals at the tactical level in the Endesa League. His offensive game philosophy is to add one concept after another, and this demands a lot. And more when you have little time to prepare a game, you have to be clairvoyant and be very good against all their tactical repertoire. This year they are playing a little faster, taking more aggressive possessions. And they have added the demand since the first second of having to defend their three-point shot, which is almost always their main weapon. And they have also added the dynamic game of Kravic in the pick and roll that makes them very difficult to defend. We are tired, but tomorrow we will be less and Sunday in the game less. The idea is to draw all our strength because we are going to need them to win an opponent of this level”.