Valencia Basket falls in the semifinals of the Copa del Rey vs Real Madrid (91-68)


The Taronja team is clearly surpassed by the white team, which dominated the game from almost the beginning, giving little margin to the Valencian options.

The first quarter had a clear protagonist, Cape Verdean Edy Tavares became master and lord of the hoops for Real Madrid to achieve the first advantages. Ahead, Aaron Doornekamp was shown as the most successful of the taronja, who saw as a triple of Facundo Campazzo put on 18-11.

In the second quarter, Valencia Basket tried to fight to get closer, but the difference grew to go above the 10 points with which we would reach the break, 34-20.

In the second part, the distance was quickly extended to rents of more than 20 points, with a Real Madrid now, successful, which made it impossible for any attempt to return. In the final stretch of the match, the exchange of baskets left the final score at 91-68.