Ponsarnau: "When you reach a semifinal we would all like to have done better"


The coach Taronja commented that “since the initial jump we have encountered a very great difficulty, Tavares and Campazzo were conditioning our attack a lot, we were going inside with too many fears. Our defense was going well, except in the matter of second options and rebound, at the break I think they had 11. In the third quarter we started with clearer ideas in attack, but we got 33 points and clearly decided the game. Maybe we lacked mentality, wanting to play this game until the end. We would have liked to play a semifinal of the Copa del Rey better. To play against Real Madrid you have to have maximum tone and energy. Guillem and Sam, who have forced their return, have done their best, but you have to be 100% to fight them. Maybe I have not been right and I had to find other solutions. Real Madrid has played a great game and you have to congratulate him ”.

The coach added that "when you reach a semifinal we would all like to have done better and we have not done very well."