Rubén Burgos: "We saw the things that we have been working"


The coach analyzed the game. “Our start was good. With the break for international games we have been building with time for the first time after new signings and players who left the team, working basic aspects and introducing the new ones. We wanted to make a good start, try new fives and the team responding. We found strengths in the first quarter, in the second part of the second we lost balls and allowed rebounds, and they punished with Simms appearing. We started again, which was not easy, but the defense guided us, we found Meiya inside and an excellent Queralt in the third quarter, giving us balance. In the end we distributed minutes knowing that hard weeks are coming. We are happy with the result, and more with our fans. We saw the things we have worked on and there has only been a lack of continuity” he said.