Valencia Basket thanks the fans for their support during the Copa del Rey Málaga 2020


Valencia Basket wants to show its appreciation for the support received from all areas during the Copa del Rey played in Malaga and which concluded yesterday with the triumph of Real Madrid.


The Club wants to show its appreciation to its tireless fans, which during the two games of the tournament played by our team has been noticeable in Malaga. And that again has been an example of coexistence and sportsmanship in the great festival of Spanish basketball fans. A thank you that we want to extend to all the people who on Saturday approached our facilities to support from Valencia the u14 team of Minicopa and the Men’s team in the semifinal of the Copa del Rey before the Endesa Women's League commitment in the Fonteta of our Women’s team.


The Club wishes to thank all the support received by the institutions, media, sponsors and managers and especially our patrons Juan Roig and Hortensia Herrero for their tireless support.