Ponsarnau: "We have arguments to be more competitive, now it's time to put together the team"


Valencia Basket coach appeared after the first group practice of the preseason and was clear about the improvement of the squad at his disposal: “We firmly believe that we are growing compared to last season. In summer we had some non-continuity that we did not want, but we have found very good replacements on the market. Apart from the players with whom we wanted to improve the team, I think we have grown and that we have more arguments to be more competitive: versatility, physical quality and talent. What happens is that all this has to be combined. Sometimes we confuse, especially in team sports, that the sum of individualities, which is very clear that the ones we have are very good, makes you more competitive. And it is not like that, what we have to do is harmonize the virtues that we have, which are many, to carry them out as a team. This is the process, that's what the preseason is for and we are very excited to carry it out "