Post-game quotes Valencia Basket - Real Madrid


Jaume Ponsarnau

I'm going to make the appreciation until they have take me out or the game. Congratulate Real Madrid, they have had an impressive first quarter, punishing our plan, and from there everything that has happened, super deserved. We have punctured at the strength level, we have paid for everything we have worked since Kaunas, and today things were missing that other days were missing but not so much. Our game plan has all gone wrong, and from there in tow. The second half we started with more sense, and then they whistled a technique to the bench for complaining about an illegal block, and then I told the referee to take a good look at him and I suppose he found it impertinent, and he called me technical, to my surprise, he has expelled me.


Borja Comenge

By the time Jaume was expelled, the team was finding a new energy from the character and from the heart, as in that play in the inning. The expulsion has made the players put one more piece in this determination, and from the character we have found the game. Taking our backpack off the scoreboard has made us find a game, we have better controlled Campazzo situations, Carroll situations, playing one-on-one and having options to win the game.


Louis Labeyrie

Very hard game, we started very badly, very weak in defense, as we won there we assumed they were going to react and they did.