Rubén Burgos and Lorena Segura post J10 LF Endesa vs Alter Enersun


“It was a good game, we have been focused from the beginning, they tried but we remained focused, we haven't let down our defense and we have held out well. I'm happy to be starter today and that the work in practices is paying off ” said Lorena Segura.

Rubén Burgos also analyzed the game. “It seems that it was simple but it wasn't. Our success kept us, they scored well the 3 points and without our high level it would have been much more difficult. We have to think about building from defense, when we have done so we opened a gap and that makes us proud. Despite small partials, happy with the effort, very satisfied with the 10-0 before the break, that they must enjoy a bit. They play with the national team and those that stay must charge the batteries because the final stretch of the first round it's going to be harder” he commented.