Change of format and dates for the Eurocup Women


Valencia Basket faces participation in Europe for the second consecutive year. The Rubén Burgos squad return to contest the Eurocup Women, for which they fought last year until the activity was stopped with the taronja team among the 8 surviving teams. The start of the competition had been postponed until January, but now FIBA ​​has announced changes to the system.

The competition will be played in three bubbles with multiple venues. The Group Stage will be played in a first bubble from January 17 to 23. There will be one venue per group in which the 4 contestants from each group come into play, without home and away games, that is, playing only three matches.

The top two teams in each group will qualify to the round of 16. This round will be played alongside the quarterfinal round in a second bubble from March 14-19. There will be 4 venues, thus dividing the 16 teams that enter the competition. In this way, there will be one team classified for Final 4 per venue.

This last phase will be played in a last bubble, from April 9 to 11. Exceptionally, and with this new format, this year there will be no Euroleague Women teams participating in the final rounds of the competition.

Valencia Basket is framed in Group H of the competition together with the Belgians Castors Braine and Basket Hema, and the winner of the preliminary games that will be played on December 16 between Swiss Winterthur and French Saint-Amand Hainaut Basket.