Hereda San Pablo Burgos- Valencia Basket post-game quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau and Guillem Vives


Jaume Ponsarnau


“We were playing against a very good team that plays very well. It was difficult and it was important to control their advantages with which they always find very good shots. I think we have been better, especially than last time, in answering their shots even though some shots have been tryed alone. We've been better coming in and scoring. We have put better pressure on the advantage, better defending the pick and roll and from this we understand the game. They were doing us a lot of damage in the paint and with the rebound, but we tried to play a little more open and we found good shots from our centers. There was a critical moment in the third quarter as a result of his improvement in defensive level and our slump in energy. We have had to change people to change the game that they were taking. That good moment at the beginning of the last quarter has given us a ten-point advantage and that we have more or less managed. They are talented and have points and they have found a way to fight until the end but we have remained calm and the free throws, which have been a scourge that we have had throughout the game, have come in in the end ”.


Guillem Vives


“A very important game for us, we knew what had happened in the first leg, where Burgos is in the standings and that it would be a very tough and intense game. We have been adapting little by little to the rhythm they wanted and we have obtained a large income in the last quarter so as not to suffer much at the end although they have made a final push to get in. We have solved it well and we got a victory of which we are very happy"