Valencia Basket- TD Systems Baskonia post-game 1 quotes: Jaume Ponsarnau


The game was started by the two teams aware that we lacked competitive rhythm, looking for our feelings, they clearly making use of their hallmarks: energy, running and rebounding. And we were wrong only playing quality, and of course we have it, but we had to enter to a tough game. In the first quarter we would have come with more difference had it not been for a couple of misses under the basket, but the second was terrible. We have lost consistency, without accuracy, without defensive consistency, without going to the shots and not winning any divided ball, nervous, and without players to help us regain identity, balance and meaning in the game. The second half has been of streaks, where his streak with Quino has been very positive and negative with the players we had in the court. They have controlled the feelings and have made a difference that could have been decisive. In the end, within the madness, the two teams have missed many fastbreaks shots and when we have had a point of serenity of looking inside, where our advantage was, we have come back and we have won it. A game that has clearly a coin-toss situation.