The women's team chooses the jerseys numbers for the season 21-22


Valencia Basket players have already chosen their jersey numbers for the 21-22 season. In a year in which the continuity of the squad stands out, the whole team has decided to keep its number from last season. The only novelty is the new signing Ángela Salvadores who has chosen the #7 for her debut with the taronja jersey.


The Spanish player previously worn the #8 of Bec Allen. As this number is occupied, the outside player has opted for #7, because she likes low numbers and it is the closest available. In addition, #7 was worn by "Pistol" Pete Maravich, NBA shooting guard during the 70's whom Salvadores admires.


The rest of the players will continue with their usual numbers. Captain Anna Gomez will face her fourth season with the #4, Cristina Ouviña keeps the #5, Lorena Segura the #6, Queralt Casas the #9, Leticia Romero the #10, Raquel Carrera the #14, Laura Gil the #15, Celeste Trahan-Davis the #18 and Marie Gülich the #21.