Accuracy record in the CaixaBank's 'Charity Three' against Casademont Zaragoza


The second special edition of the eighth season in a row of CaixaBank's 'Charity Three' added an extra 700 euros to the Solidarity Scoreboard thanks to the accuracy of the mascots in the game that our men's team played on Sunday, March 20, against Casademont Zaragoza. Pam and Maxi made a three-pointer with double value and were especially successful with the corporate orange balls, which once again double their value and add an additional 200 euros to the amount that CaixaBank will donate at the end of the season to the Valencia Basketball 2000 Foundation for training of the coaches of L'Alqueria del Basket. Up to three buckets came with these special balls, obtaining the highest prize in the entire history of the special editions of CaixaBank's 'Charity Three’.