Insufficient reaction against Real Madrid (73-80)


Valencia Basket rowed against the current to get into the game with three good defensive quarters after a bad start and reduced a deficit that reached 16 points to get into the game at the end, although the taronja squad ended up losing to Real Madrid by 73-80. The beginning of the white team driven by Musa and Cornelie gave them a twelve-point advantage at the end of the first quarter that Valencia Basket could not reduce significantly despite improving their defensive performance, neither when they hit the three-pointers at the start of the third quarter nor when approached at the start of the latter. Five points in a row from Van Rossom did serve to ignite the Taronja reaction and tighten the game with the outside accuracy of the Belgian point guard himself and Harper to go down three at the last minute. But Deck and Musa ultimately tipped the balance in favor of the white team.