Valencia Basket- ALBA Berlin post-game quotes: Álex Mumbrú


“A game as we expected, against a team that, as I said in the preview, plays very attractive basketball, with a lot of running. And it has been difficult for us for many moments to play good, that is a credit to ALBA. But still I think we had the game, we won three quarters, we tied one. We were good at times, excellent in the final minutes. I think ALBA played a great game, they put us on the ropes at times, they were very close and we had to be very focused the whole game so they didn't leave us. The other day after the game against Barcelona we said that we wanted the Fonteta full, they were supporting us for 40 minutes from the beginning. And today in a very complicated moment when Sterling scored the triple, we couldn't find the rhythm, we lacked those two or three minutes of game rhythm and Fonteta helped us. They have started to push, they have not entered into doubts but have begun to encourage us and the players have noticed it and we have come out on top at a very delicate moment in the game. We continue trying to rotate people, today Víctor and Xabi rested, the other day Ferrando and Kassius, today they returned. It is important to continue adding victories and be able to rotate all the players.”