The shareholders of Valencia Basket Club S.A.D. approved the 2022-23 accounts and the 23-24 budget


The General Meeting of Shareholders of Valencia Basket Club SAD today approved the accounts for the 22-23 season and the budget for the season that has started, 23-24. The Club makes an important commitment for the current season, expanding its budget to raise the sporting level of its professional teams and compete to the maximum in all this season challenges. The data shared and approved today refers only to the SAD, and therefore does not include the activity related to L'Alqueria del Basket.

In this way, a total expenditure for last season of 23,815,000 euros has been approved. This expense was offset by the record increase in the Club's operating income and the contribution of Patrons, which reached 14,791,000 euros. An increasing budget has been approved for the 23-24 season, with the first teams once again facing the challenge of facing the best clubs in Europe, alternating with the demands of national competitions. The budgeted figure is 25,400,000 euros. This increase includes an increase in the budget of the pro teams, which have been configured with a net salaries cost of a little over 7 million in the case of the men's team and a little under a million in the women's team, taking into account only salaries of male and female players. The figure increases to 18,050,000 euros for the men's team and 2,700,000 for the women's team when including gross salaries of the players and expenses generated by both teams throughout the season: federative expenses, gross salaries of staff and coaching staff, travel, etc.