Valencia Basket- Surne Bilbao Basket post-game quotes: Álex Mumbrú


“The start of the game was not good for us, many turnovers. We started the first quarter 0-9 without fouls, we were not good. In the second we have been somewhat better, compared to the first but without continuing to be good. In the third and fourth quarters, when the team wanted, they made scored very easy. It was the worst defensive game we have had, it is clear that today was an important game to win, we are not going to lie anyone. We were neither so good before nor so bad now. Before it seemed that we were very good and now it seems that we are very bad. We are the same team, we have to improve things, we will work on it. We have been working for a while but we will continue at it. Come tomorrow, work, and continue improving things that still happen to us and get up mentally.”