The season began with a change of direction in the bench. Pedro Martinez became a new coach, with Carles Duran and Juan Maroto as assistant coaches.
Together with them, Antoine Diot arrives in the position of base-escort, sharing track with Sam Van Rossom and Guillem Vives at the helm, and with Rafa Martinez in the escort. The injury of Diot with France in preseason forces the club to sign Jon Stefansson, who will live his second stage in Valencia. The Icelandic will stay throughout the season after a serious injury to Sam Van Rossom.
In the forward position, Fernando San Emeterio arrives at the club to share position with Romain Sato and Vladimir Lucic. In the inside positions, three American players reinforce the team, Luke Sikma arrives from Tenerife, John Shurna from Turkey and Justin Hamilton from the NBA Timberwolves. Next to them, Jordi Trias will complete an interior game in which will follow Bojan Dubljevic.
The season begins well, with an excellent streak of wins that extends up to 28 consecutive. This great streak, however, is not accompanied by good results in the Copa del Rey, where we fall in the quarterfinals in A Coruna against Herbalife Gran Canaria.
Nor do things go well in Europe, where Valencia Basket falls into the Last 32 after losing to Limoges and PAOK.
The course is straightened with a good season finale in the League Endesa. Valencia Basket faces the sixth-placed Playoff with a last-minute mishap with Luke Sikma's injury that will force the arrival of Travis Peterson.
The elimination of quarters before Unicaja is solved with a meritorious 2-0 in favor, that allows a pass to semifinals before Real Madrid. In an uneven elimination in which injured Rafa Martínez and John Shurna will fall, Valencia Basket forces the fourth party with a great basket of Guillem Vives. In the fourth, the Taronja will land their feet at the ovation of their fans.


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