Registration for 27th Valencia Basket Summer Camp is open now


The registration period for the 27th Valencia Basket Summer Camp is now open for boys and girls between 6 and 18 years old. Once again, the attendees can enjoy this fantastic basketball campus at the Calvestra sport facilities in three different turns: from June 26th to July 2nd, from July 3rd to July 9th, and from July 25th to July 31th. All participants will receive two commemorative T-shirts and a poster. The price is 325 euros (one turn) and 600 euros (two turns), until spots are exhausted.


More than basketball

Camp atendees will play not only basketball, they will also have the chance to try other sports and outdoor activities. In addition to the two daily practices, participants will play competitive games in a night league; 3vs3, 2vs2, 1vs1 games and free throw and 3-point shooting contests, as well as other activities such as multi-adventure sports, zip-lining or rockodrome.


Download the brochure with all the information to sign up:

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