Pedro Martínez: "Happy to take a big game with the support of the fans"


The Taronja coach appeared after the match to comment that "with the support of the fans, and with the entry of Luke Sikma and small details like the plug of Sastre, Dubljevic and his good rebounds in the fourth quarter ... very happy to take a match Equal to a team that precedes us in the classification and that can be important to have won the 2 matches.


Asked about the "Cup, the main conclusion is to be aware that we could have lost, it was an open match and in the Cup we are not going to have so much support of fans, and we have to prepare very well. We have Europe, it is important to win the 2 games and then a League game Endesa, is for the Cup. Gran Canaria is a good team, we had an excellent first quarter but then we have dominated them, it will be a very difficult match ".


About winning at home, "we have been winning for 3 months at home but we have won a lot of suffering, I am happy because we are gaining suffering, not being a roller, we know we are a good team but we have to do things 100% We are vulnerable. It is normal to have ups and downs, but we will continue to recover for Tuesday and then to rest and breathe. "