One Team V, Week IX: Paco, Pepe, Juanjo


In the ninth and penultimate session of the fifth edition of the One Team, it is time to know a little more our One Team coaches, Pepe Casares, Paco Pardo and Juanjo Rojo.


They are responsible for training and motivating the kids, they are the maximum responsible in a track that not only teaches basketball, teaches values, teaches life, and surely this group has done it "this project surprised me or a lot, positively", says Pepe Casares.


Everything has been a continuous evolution, "from the first week that they did not understand why they were here, now they have taken up the habits of playing as a team, passing the ball, have fun with the partner," says Juanjo Rojo. "As you let them express themselves and you begin to understand them, and they feel that you are working with them, the group begins to evolve," says Paco Pardo.


And is that basketball is "a weapon we have so that, people who may not have so many facilities to do things, improve in their personal life," as Juanjo points out. In the same line, Paco delves into commenting that "it reinforces me in the idea that basketball not only serves at a competitive level, it serves socially."


A project that instructs equal parts that satisfies the day to day, "the week is faced different when One Team arrives, as if you escape from everything when this time comes, it gives you energy and tranquility at the same time," Pepe conveys. And is that how to tackle each project can be key "having a good time gives you credibility, if you are very serious talking about feelings, it is totally different, don’t match," says Pepe. Juanjo follows this idea, "the way you come to the sessions, the way you see their looks and how they enjoy everything, is an extreme satisfaction."


The social aspect is key, "we have to value this because I think it is the closest approach to reality, to the day by day, of what there is right now outside," says Pepe. Paco sums it up in one sentence, "Join here, be with them and share time with them, it's wonderful"


This Project has 10 practices, starting now, and finishing on February. We want youngsters to live positive experiences and healthy habits to be able to transfer them on scholarship or in their working experiences. Valencia Basket players Sam Van Rossom and Luke Sikma will take part on practices as ambassadors.