Pedro Martínez: “It’s easy for us to respect Herbalife Gran Canaria, but our goal is to beat them”


Valencia Basket coach, Pedro Martínez, said that against Herbalife Gran Canaria expects "a hard game, as were the two references that we had against them this year. Herbalife Gran Canaria is a team that always returns, have a wonderful spirit, something that does not surprise me with players like Eulis Baez and Albert Oliver, who are players I know because I trained them. Players with a winning mentality, they have a great history as Hendrix or McCalebb, players like Rabaseda or Planinic. They can be  eight points down and you know they are going to fight back. We need a very good mentality and we must prepare ourselves for a tough game. We are not afraid, we have so much respect from Gran Canaria, they have earned that. For me and for the team it's easy to respect them, but our goal is to think that we will win".