DKV Seguros will boost Saturday's game vs Divina Joventut


DKV Health and Medical Insurance will be in charge of animating the duel with which we will re-start the march in the League Endesa this Saturday (19 hours, Fonteta, C.55 movistarplus) versus Divina Joventut.


Finalists for a dentisalud policy worth 500 euros

From now, we prepared two questions in our social networks to achieve the step to the grand final to dispute in the Fonteta and take an annual policy elite dentisalud for the winner and his family valued at 500 euros


Contest schedules

- Facebook: Thursday 23, 18h

- Twitter: Thursday 23, 19h


Brochures and gifts

In addition to the contest, DKV Seguros prepares gift-giving for dead time and party breaks. In addition, for all attendees to know first hand the best promotions of DKV Seguros, they will have a booklet in their seats to be well informed.