Guillem Vives: “Wanting to play at home with our people”


Guillem Vives faces his first team in the League Endesa on Saturday after reaching the hundred matches in this competition last week against Tecnyconta Zaragoza and playing Sunday his first Cup final King. The PG of Valencia Basket is clear that "after a competition so intense and so beautiful and special we already want to go home, to return with our people and to continue forward. Because the Cup final has been a small blow but we still have a lot of season."


Vives recalls that Penya, the team in which he was formed and that gave him the opportunity to debut "right now is down in the standings but we lost the match there, they in a match we won. Keep in mind that it is a dangerous team, they have shown that they can beat anyone. And above all we must make a serious game so that they in the last minutes do not have the opportunity to get into the game and have the match controlled until the end. "


The Catalan base emphasizes that the green and black ensemble "has been with this philosophy for many years and I think they are doing well, they are getting players almost every year and you have to make a serious game because they have many weapons. But we must take advantage of our pace and our defensive ability to be twelve players to make a great game. "


Guillem admits that although this is already his third season in Valencia and outside of Divina Seguros Joventut, it is still special against them: "It has been my home for many years, I still know many people and I keep in touch with some players and it is Special, nice, play against friends and colleagues. Yes it is true that as the years pass you get used to playing these types of games but it is always special to meet again with friends and people of Club that you have much appreciation”.


The base taronja reached the figure of 100 games with Valencia Basket in the match against Tecnyconta Zaragoza. A hundred games in which he credited an average of 6.3 points, 1.6 rebounds and 3.1 assists for 7.8 rating credits per game. Vives was slightly surprised to know that he had reached this figure and was sincere to recognize that "when you told me that I did 100 games in League Endesa with Valencia Basket I thought there were many already, I have spent time flying. I am very happy, I think those 100 games I have enjoyed very much, this stage here in Valencia I have grown as a player. I have had a great time especially playing here in the very large matches of Fonteta and I think that both I and the Club have grown a lot since I arrived. This team has given me the opportunity to play a Euroleague, EuroCups, a Copa del Rey final. Valencia Basket continues to grow and we are going to aim for bigger things and I am very happy to do 100 games here at this Club ".


Among its League games Endesa with the taronja shirt, the Catalan base is left with the definitive matches of the two semifinals against Real Madrid, especially "for the feeling of losing and go to the broken dress and people get you out of New to the track with applause and ask you to go out gives you goosebumps. We were grateful and they showed us that they appreciated all the effort we gave and I was already impressed the first year they made us return and the Fonteta was almost full. And the second year I think we did a brutal playoff, with injuries we planted face to Real Madrid and unfortunately we could not. And again you end the season with that feeling that people are proud of us and that's why they are the two moments that I remember most in these 100 matches. "


In mid-February and having reached the final of the first title in the game of the season, Guillem Vives looks at the challenges ahead: "We have our options in the EuroCup, it is a competition that is going to happen very fast but Which is already here. And then in the League continue to fight as we have done these years. Surely we have very nice experiences and the team is going to face them with great desire. "