Pamesa Cerámica will play Tuesday's big game with a taronja mosaic


It will be a key match, Valencia Basket starts the qualifying Eurocup title by hosting the powerful Russian Khimki (Tuesday 28, 20:45, Fonteta, TV Mediterráneo / Eurosport2 / Teledeporte Web) and will do so with the great support of Pamesa Cerámica, Which will distribute 8,000 thong clappers with which we will make a great mosaic at the beginning of the match.


Pamesa Cerámica, mosaic, gifts and zeppelin

Once again, Pamesa Cerámica is overturning with Valencia Basket for important days. So much so that is preparing a great mosaic that we will raise before starting the game with some applauders who have the design of the image that accompanies this news.


Besides the mosaic, it will use the dead time to distribute gifts in the form of backpacks and T-shirts, which will accompany the zeppelin that will fly over the Fonteta.


Chocolates Valor Will Put Sweet Spot

In case the typhus and the animation of Pamesa Ceramica were not enough, Chocolates Valor will distribute chocolates to sweeten the snack dinner to the party. In addition, Chocolates Valor has prepared t-shirts that will distribute during the game in the animation of dead time.