Valencia Basket vs. Khimki: sentenced to meet each other in the EuroCup


The clashes between Valencia Basket and the Khimki Moscow Region have become by their own merits and by the amount of repetitions in the true classic of the 7DAYS EuroCup. They are the two most winning teams in the second European competition, with three Eurocup titles for Valencia Basket and two Russian trophies. And whenever both teams have participated in the same season in Eurocup have ended up meeting, usually when reaching the decisive rounds of the tournament. Two of the dominators of this tournament, always doomed to meet each other.


This quarterfinal serie will be the fifth time that these two teams measure their strength knowing that only the winner of the match will remain alive in the competition or win the title (as happened in the 2012 final). A situation of which there is no other similar precedent in the history of the EuroCup. Khimki Moscow Region will become the most frequent rival of Valencia Basket in European competitions on Tuesday (it will be the ninth official match against this team from the periphery of Moscow) and the team that more different European seasons has crossed in the way of the taronja picture, meeting the taronja squad in six different campaigns.