Pedro Martinez: "The final reaction gave us a chance, but they have been better than us"


Valencia Basket coach, Pedro Martínez, has pointed out after the defeat of his team at the MoraBanc Andorra’s court that "it has been a game in which we have not been comfortable, we started well in the first quarter but in which We can’t get to MoraBanc Andorra's defensive aggressiveness. We had a very bad moment in the second quarter that we were able to recover with the zone defense, in the third quarter Andorra has been better than us and has taken a difference that seemed to be decisive”.


The Taronja coach remains positive with the reaction in the fourth quarter: "We have been able to not give up and have an option, it is true that not very clear, but an option to win in the fourth quarter. We have to evaluate as positive our ability to recover in the last quarter when the game was very difficult, but we must recognize that the MoraBanc Andorra in important moments of the game has been better than us”