Txus Vidorreta: “We should recover our confidence step by step”


Txus Vidorreta said after the game that it was a "complex day, we played against a team that takes advantage and gives many shots to players with a poor percentage. We have defended very well in the balance sheet, perhaps it has cost us a bit at the beginning, but we played with a solid defense. I think it's the day with the fewest points received in Liga Endesa and as for the team, mentally weighs the streak, but I've seen strong despite the difficulties, to maintain good percentages in free and free throws.

As a conclusion, "congratulation to our players, we have things to improve, but we also do other things well and allows us to be optimistic with the future. Step by step we must recover our confidence, and find players with fresh legs for bad times. Adding that "we played better other games, but we have not had so much consistency and perseverance".