Vidorreta: "We have to be together"


The taronja coach said in the preview of tomorrow's match against Panathinaikos, "is the reality that we are living, and what we must do is give our best to compete and, why not, get the victory that is resisting us . It is clear that Valencia Basket does not have a crisis of results, has a crisis of injuries that lasts more than 3 months and that is affecting, in the first place, our fans, because our fans that want you to win, our players, because they are losing confidence, and logically the coach, responsible for how a team can play, which is more difficult depending on the fact that his two bases are missing or one and a half of his five, because for me basketball is fundamentally based on the contribution that they can give you in 1 and 5, and there start to generate, Diot, Vives, Williams, very important players, and Dubi, who only completed half the training yesterday. "